Experiments in Astrophotography

I’ve been dabbling some astrophotography over the past year, after being introduced to it by a bunch of friends. Most of my experiments have been using the equipment I already have, with some bits borrowed from here and there. I wish I could say I want to do it more, but I can’t. It is a very expensive hobby; I really dislike taking the images themselves although I like processing them, partly because I can exercise my inner maths and physics nerdiness.

Anyway, here are two I shot earlier in the year and processed in the past couple of weeks.

This is M42, the Orion Nebula. I made a mistake when stacking the frames, so the colours haven’t quite come out as I wanted (they need to be a lot more redder).

The Orion Nebula

This is the M31, Andromeda Galaxy, our nearest neighbour big galaxy. It is about 2.5 million light years away and is on a collision course with our Milky Way, some 4.5 billion years in the future.

The Andromeda Galaxy