Don’t String People Along

Yesterday morning I received an email that did not say that I thought it would say. My heart immediately sank and I felt a real flash of anger. That anger (and the resulting disappointment) just kept building up the whole day and by the time it was evening, I was overwhelmed. I did what I normally do to navigate and process it — go for a walk, take photos and listen to some Tchaikovsky. It got better as I went to bed. I’d hoped that a decent night’s sleep, with the accompanying of a gentle rain outside, would help and I’d feel fresh and unencumbered when I woke up.


I am still angry.

A month or so ago, I saw a post for a job that I thought I’d be really good at. I had been thinking of make a shift in the areas I’d worked on and when I read the job description, it felt perfect. So, I went ahead and applied. Along with it, I wrote a detailed cover letter, explaining my background, my relative lack of real experience in this field and the fact that I was applying because I wanted to learn more and wanted to break into this area of work and wouldn’t mind a downgrade in position (and pay).

The interview process was long and arduous to say the least. Along with the usual Zoom calls, I was made to write long strategy papers, design critiques and technical evaluations. It felt odd to be doing so much, but on asking, I’d get a reply saying this is the usual for the position I was applying for. My last call was with the CEO of the place and it was a weird experience — he kept shifting in his chair constantly and was yawning every five minutes or so. Maybe just a bad for him.

Cut to yesterday’s email where they say they aren’t in a position to continue because I was too senior and experienced and that they were looking for someone more junior.

Look, I know hiring is a very hard thing (I’ve done it, experienced it etc. etc.) and the interview process doesn’t always go the way it is expected to for all parties concerned. But stringing along someone for more than a month, extracting probably what is a solid set of strategy and plan documents and then jettisoning them is not a good look. I feel cheated.

And angry.